Port Clyde Harbor-Photo by Garret Crawford flickr

Tour 32 - Damariscotta?Pemaquid

Region: Mid-Coast
Highlights: beaches, swimming holes, hiking trails, historical landmarks, lighthouses, ocean views, state/national park, urban, wildlife


Tour Loops
Name Distance Terrain
Salt Bay Loop 8 Gentle terrain for almost all cyclists
New Harbor/Pemaquid Light Loop 15 Gentle terrain, some hills, for almost all cyclists
Round Pond Loop 19 Gentle terrain, some hills, for almost all cyclists
Christmas Cove 19 to 27 Moderate terrain, hilly, for intermediate cyclists

The Damariscotta area in midcoast Maine was once famous for its shipbuilding, which explains the buildings and exhibits that highlight the natural and social history of this fascinating place. Many villages have a working waterfront as well as moorings for pleasure craft. The views are spectacular; there?s something for everyone. A particularly interesting event is the alewives run in Damariscotta Mills in the spring. People, osprey, seagulls, and bald eagles turn out each May to greet the alewives as they travel up the fish run that lies over the old mill dam and into Damariscotta Lake to spawn. There is a lot to see in this area; plan to stay for several days so you can see it all.

The 8- and 19-mile loops leave from the large supermarket parking lot on US 1. Both rides include ice cream shops and swimming holes. The 15- and 19- to 27-mile loops leave from Bristol Consolidated School on ME 130. The 15-mile ride takes you to Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Fort William Henry, and the Colonial Pemaquid Restoration. The 19- to 27-mile loops take you to Christmas Cove, a picturesque spot where Captain John Smith dropped anchor in 1614. Recommended optional side trips will add special scenic ocean views to your ride.

Special features: Colonial Pemaquid Restoration; Pemaquid Point Lighthouse; Fort William Henry; swimming holes; Round Pond with an extremely entertaining Fourth of July parade; Christmas Cove; ocean views; Newcastle, Bristol, Damariscotta, and South Bristol

Road conditions: Generally good; no shoulders except on ME 129 and ME 130

Cautions: Heavy traffic in July and August. Some roads have no shoulders.

Starting points: The first two rides leave from the large supermarket parking lot on Business US 1 approximately 1 mile east of the village in Damariscotta. The other two rides leave from the Bristol Consolidated School on ME 130 in Bristol.

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