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Tour 25 - Andover & Grafton Notch

Region: Maine Lakes and Mountains
Highlights: beaches, swimming holes, hiking trails, historical landmarks, lake, pond, river views, mountain views, rural, state/national park, wildlife


Tour Loops
Name Distance Terrain
Historic Covered Bridge Ride 1 8 Gentle terrain, some hills, for almost all cyclists
Historic Covered Bridge Ride 2 (continues from mile 5.1 of Ride 1) 18 Gentle terrain, some hills, for almost all cyclists
Historic Covered Bridge Ride 3 (continues from mile 4.4 of Ride 1) 30 Moderate terrain, hilly, for intermediate cyclists
Grafton Notch 53 Challenging terrain for experienced cyclists

The 8-, 18-, and 30-mile rides explore the rural scenic landscape on both sides of the Ellis River. Each ride takes you to the Lovejoy Covered Bridge built in 1867. These three loops are easy to moderate rides, suitable for recreational cyclists.

Old Speck Mountain guards the passage through Grafton Notch, one of many hidden scenic treasures in western Maine and a major sight on this challenging 53-mile ride. In fact, the scenery on this ride rivals any you can find in New England. This ride is for the very fit and adventurous bicyclist?there is no major town along the way, and services are few and dispersed. Alert riders are bound to see moose along the roadside. Just before Grafton Notch on ME 26 is one area where moose are plentiful.

Special features: Mountain scenery and abundant wildlife, including moose; Lovejoy Covered Bridge built in 1867 (Maine?s shortest covered bridge); hiking trails

Road conditions: Generally good

Cautions: Beware of logging trucks; there are steep hills on roads with no shoulder; watch for moose that wander onto road. Sections of the 53-mile ride are remote, so be sure to carry spare parts, water, food, and warm clothing.

Starting point: Rides originate from the Common in Andover at the junction of ME 5 and ME 120. Take ME 5 north from US 2 in Rumford Point.

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