Schoodic Peninsula

Tour 12 - Passamaquoddy Bay

Region: Downeast and Acadia
Highlights: hiking trails, islands, ocean views, rural, state/national park, wildlife


Tour Loops
Name Distance Terrain
Perry?Eastport Loop 14 Gentle terrain, some hills, for almost all cyclists
Perry?Boyden Lake ─Little Falls Loop 25 Moderate terrain, hilly, for intermediate cyclists
Calais?Perry Loop 45 Challenging terrain for experienced cyclists

Washington County is one of the last places in the busy, overcrowded Eastern seaboard where you can get away by yourself on a forest trail or bicycle ride, or walk for miles on the salt-sprayed shoreline and see no one.

The pleasant 14-mile non-loop ride is a great tour for beginning road cyclists because of low traffic, good pavement, and moderate grades (although no roads have paved shoulders). The 25-mile ride goes around scenic Boyden Lake through beautiful rural Maine countryside.

The 45-mile loop adds nice views of Pennamaquan and Round Lakes. This loop goes through Calais (pronounced "Kallis") and the Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge (bald eagle nesting and migratory birds).

Remember to bring your passport if you plan to travel into Canada and back.

Special features: Scenic, quiet back roads; ocean views. Potential connections to East Coast Greenway/Down East Sunrise Trail (see East Coast Greenway and Multi-Use Trail sections in this book). For extended bicycling in the area, see Tour 8: Washington County?Downeast and Tour 12: Passamaquoddy and Cobscook Bays.

Road conditions: Generally good; most roads are paved; however, some broken pavement, short sections of dirt/gravel roads and soft shoulders. Two-mile section of US 1 has no shoulders.

Cautions: Moderate traffic and narrow roads. Short sections of US 1 and other roads have no shoulders.

Starting point: These rides originate from the Perry Farmer?s Union Local Park & Ride on US 1. From the South, the Farmer?s Union is approximately 0.2 mi on the left beyond the turnoff to ME 190, Eastport. From the North, the Perry Farmer?s Union Local Park & Ride is approximately 20 mi from Calais on the right.

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