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Tour 1 - The County

Region: Aroostook
Highlights: historical landmarks, low traffic, rural


Tour Loops
Name Distance Terrain
Caribou?New Sweden 20 Gentle terrain, some hills, for almost all cyclists
Caribou?New Sweden?Stockholm 33 Moderate terrain, hilly, for intermediate cyclists
Caribou?St. Agatha 90 Challenging terrain for experienced cyclists

This part of Maine is called simply "The County." The rolling green landscape is a checkerboard of farm fields and small towns, while above, the sky stretches for miles. This is also one of the most culturally distinct regions of Maine. Native Americans, Acadians, and Swedes have called this region home for many generations.

The 20-mile loop includes the farm country north of Caribou to New Sweden. An intermediate 33-mile loop goes to Stockholm before returning to Caribou.

Cyclists can learn more about the Acadians at three sites along the lovely 90-mile route: the Tri-cultural Museum in Stockholm, the MusÉe Culturel du Mont-Carmel in Lille (Grand Isle), and the 18th-century Acadian Village just north of Van Buren. The Acadian Village is on the National Register and is the largest historic site in Maine.

Special features: Rolling landscape and rural farm communities from Caribou to St. John Valley; many historical sites and museums; low traffic

Road conditions: Generally good; some broken pavement on back roads

Cautions: Heavy traffic in Caribou. Watch for logging trucks on all roads. Some roads with no shoulders.

Starting point: All rides originate from the parking lot on Herschel Street in Caribou. Notify the Caribou Police Department at (207) 493-3301 if you will be parking in this lot overnight.

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