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Aroostook County Tours

In Aroostook, Maine’s largest and northernmost county, cyclists traverse wide open spaces and rolling countryside, encountering "big skies", historic communities, very little traffic, and the county’s deep-rooted Acadian history.

Tour 1 - The County

Highlights: historical landmarks, low traffic, rural

This part of Maine is called simply "The County." The rolling green landscape is a checkerboard of farm fields and small towns, while above, the sky stretches for miles. This is also one of the most culturally distinct regions of Maine. Native Americans, Acadians, and Swedes have called this region home for many generations.

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Tour 2 - Potato Country

Highlights: historical landmarks, museums, rural, urban

The wide open spaces and rolling countryside of northern Maine are among the richest, most productive agricultural land in the state. In Maine, they call this "The County," and here the potato is not just about making french fries; it?s a staple of the region?s economy.

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Tour 3 - Penobscot River and Forest

Highlights: historical landmarks, lake, pond, river views, low traffic, mountain views, state/national park, wildlife

The Katahdin region has an abundance of natural resources, working forests, and farmlands. The "small town" atmosphere is very much alive in this region, bringing with it the serenity and security we remember from decades ago, when life wasn't in a fast lane, but moved rather slowly down the road, taking in the full beauty of its surroundings.

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Tour 4 - St. John Valley

Highlights: hiking trails, historical landmarks, lake, pond, river views, rural, wildlife

Located on the shore of the St. John River, the border between Canada and the United States, Fort Kent in Aroostook County offers a convenient point from which to explore the uppermost reaches of Maine. It is home to French Acadian ancestors, and you can hear the bilingual influence in the lilt of the voices of its people. Fort Kent is a warm and spirited community, offering hospitality, natural beauty, and lots of interesting things to do.

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Tour 5 - Katahdin Views

Highlights: mountain views, museums, rural, wildlife

The 33-mile loop is very scenic and challenging with mountain views?including Mt. Katahdin, the state?s highest peak?and picturesque farms. The north Maine woods and Mt. Katahdin provide the dramatic backdrop for the extremely challenging 46-mile loop. This loop takes cyclists through woods, open farmland, small lumbering communities, and over hills that heave the roads from ridge to ridge?hills that make this ride memorable. The final stretch between Patten, Sherman, and Island Falls lies in the shadow of Mt. Katahdin, and the views of the peak are awe-inspiring.

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